PHP Web Security Monitor 2

Description of technology

"PHP Web Security Monitor 2" - designed to protect the internet site created on PHP from Malicious queries of hackers and web viruses.
Protection method is based on the filter common PHP variables via prepared security patterns.

How it's work?

Accomplishments of P.W.S.M.

  • Contains tools to generate and analyze Web requests, and Filter Requests System - to protect input variables from hackers activity.
  • And means dynamic loading patterns online from a developer or from arbitrary, export patterns and create your own
  • The advantage of the ease of installation
  • Easy integration into site scripts by one click (Patching your site code)
  • Low and Optional Requirements dependencies
    (can working on web hosting, dont need special permissions).

Five reasons why you should use this

  • Your site has been hacked/compromised, but you are not ready to migrate to best platform or to hire a developer to fix security bugs
  • Site is written poorly and probably has safety problems, you want to protect the resource
  • You want to use a filter or monitor the safety logs requests, but the terms of your host does not allow you to run the Apache module or other safety monitoring system
  • You want to temporarily monitor the performance of your site in order to analyze the potential threats or security of PHP variables
  • You just want to experiment with queries and monitoring the site to search for potential vulnerabilities and learn about security of you site


For basic work of P.W.S.M. need Apache2(or similar server) , PHP5 with cURL library, Access to MySQL or PostgresSQL database